Home Remedies for Loose Motion


In simple terms, loose motion means you are having watery stools that occur more frequently than usual. It is also known as diarrhea, which most people have experienced. It can be acute or chronic. This common problem occurs when the food and fluids you ingest start passing too quickly or in too large an amount …

It Melts Gallstones and Fat, and Cleans the Skin


It Melts Gallstones and Fat, and Cleans the SkinDrink the lemon juice in the morning before a meal because it will stimulate your metabolism and the calories will not “stick” to the critical zones. However, except in the process of weight loss, the lemon helps with serious health problems as well. Doctor Penny Stanway, author of …

How To Sex On The Beach !?


There are couple of tip points you need to do before you get the Sex On The Beach Experience Picking The Desired Place With Your Partner (Ocean/sea beach, rare place. Pick your country pack your things and leave); Feeling ( To be honest, not all of us will dare to do it. It is risky, …

How To Get Motivated ?


You have work to do? You do not have motivation for it.. We all have so much work to do, but we are so stressed and discouraged. Maybe you have some homework to do, to write a couple of papers in you notebook, but you are too lazy, you hate to write the words down.You …

10 Medical Symptoms Women Shouldn’t Ignore


As women endeavor to do their best in their home life and profession, they often start neglecting their health. They tend to brush off aches and pains, discomfort and fatigue, which in turn have serious consequences on their health later on. Today’s women need to give their health due importance to remain healthy and fit …

Why Is He Cheating On You ?


There are so many different types of cheating, so I decided to mention some of them Cheating is so common these days. It should be rare, but there are so many women in the world so .. It is kind of very desirable; He is cheating on you for a reason or not. I said …

Dinner ?! You Can Do That


Every woman enjoys a dinner, especially when it is cooked by their loved ones or served by their loved ones. It doesn’t matter you will have good points with both ways. So you don’t know what to do? Ok we are here to help you out Here is the easiest way cooking. It is an …

What To Do if You Are Refused Birth Control


The get-away weekend we planned would be picture perfect: three days in a cozy guesthouse near the ocean. Day hikes tracing the tracks of a moose through the snow. Evenings with board games by the warmth of a woodstove. Nights cozied up under layers of woolen blankets, our tired legs tangled up to share warmth. …



Preparation time less than 30 mins Cooking time 10 to 30 mins Serves Serves 4 The star of this show is the tomatoes. So try to find a good, ripe selection of as many shapes, sizes and colours as you can. Source: bbc.co.uk