Love&Sex, How It Feels Like ?

Discussing about Love and Sex, separately or combined- is still leading us into a deep upbeat feeling and awesome experiences, but unfortunately at the opposite too.

  1. Leading by experience, LOVE it is very discussable content. Let’s say you have partner, and by default- you fall for her/him. To be in love does not mean just to have sex with him/her or go out, etc. Let’s say you have feelings for her/him. You simply feel something in your belly. You feel strange after couple of months being with her/him. That is the first sign of love.

You are thinking numbers of times during the day. Your gut is telling you to call her/him. To hear his/her voice. You want to spend the day with her/him. To go out, to take a drink, then to have a good time at your place with her/him. A complete go out with your partner.

>>>Taliking about sex is kind of simple. Meet someone, make “magic” and order the cards in a row. Then have a nice time an awesome sex then just forget about it.
  1. But when sex and pleasures, are mixed with love, you feel like: out of ordinary, exceptional and little odd. Why odd? – because you cannot explain the feelings, all you do is particular, hugs-kisses-cuddlings-sayings-the whole sex thing. ( They are not the same, like with the partners for one-night stand, persons like Friends With Benefits etc.)

When lying with her/him in bed you feel like you have all the time in the world. Like you do not need a thing- you have everything you need. You feel these -> anywhere you spent the time with your partner. (coffee, bar, restaurant, anniversaries, weddings, etc etc.)

You can achieve this, under one condition. If your partner feels the same way as you do!

* I am not sure if you can solve or read or even taught this somewhere. Because these feelings can be only felt.*


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