How To Sex On The Beach !?

There are couple of tip points you need to do before you get the Sex On The Beach Experience

  • Picking The Desired Place With Your Partner (Ocean/sea beach, rare place. Pick your country pack your things and leave);
  • Feeling ( To be honest, not all of us will dare to do it. It is risky, hot and challenging quest);
  • Courier ( When you get there, a day or two try to note things like: where are the visitors moving, beach Guards movements, when the beach has smallest population etc.);
  • Be Set-Up ( First thing that comes to your mind in every one of you is towel right?- there is better idea-> replace the towel with blanket. It is better for the sand, does not let the sand make your blanket dirty and scratchy. Take your sun-blocking umbrella, bigger=better. Take a chair, for making poses, a nice objective that helps a lot. Get fresh tissues for the end);
  • Sand (Be careful, it can slip inside your genital areas. Try to stay off the ground all the time- example: doggy style);
  • Clothes ( It’s best to try keeping as many clothes on as you can, for a quick slip if you get spotted or something. For women is preferred some soft and easy on sundress, or some skirt. For men some simple shorts-not tied up);
  • The Right Time, And Not Getting Caught! ( You should wait until dusk. Do not do it on sun-daylight. Beach should be cast off. Keep an eye and ear on everything going on. If you hear something (voices) or see visitors stop what you doing. Continue when they are gone.

Be aware on phones, anyone can make a nice video of you

Do not be greedy- do it once. Tomorrow again.

Afterwards you can smoke a cigarette and cheers with your partner

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