How To Get Motivated ?

You have work to do? You do not have motivation for it..

We all have so much work to do, but we are so stressed and discouraged.

Maybe you have some homework to do, to write a couple of papers in you notebook, but you are too lazy, you hate to write the words down.You need to get up early in the mornings all the time, but you hate to do that again and again. Go to work and do your job, talk with your colleagues and so on.

Sometimes you are too discouraged to make your coffee, or breakfast perhaps.

Maybe you are a student and have a lot of paperwork to do (or to type on the keyboard instead), I mean a lot a lot, but again you are too lazy, you hate to do it, you want to do everything else except that.So there is always a solution for these problems, major problems, you need to do in your life because they are unavoidable.

* My solution is this: HAVE SEX OFTEN, EVEN WHEN YOU CANNOT. Have sex all the time, for these issues you need to have before you go to sleep- obligatorily. If you are married, have at the early morning, wake up your partner with a gentle touch, make her/him wet or whatever. *

You will have a great day believe me. You will be motivated, not stressed, nobody can make you feel pain or nervous. You are the one.


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